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There is no place like home

Hallie Butterer, Maura Burns, and Halsey Smith

March 9

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Asha Lewis Imagine staying in one place for your entire life. Grow up there, live there, go to school there, maybe leave for college but return, raise a family, and retire there. This may sound ridiculous to travel-lovers and exp...

The medical debate: vaccinations

Hannah Stuursma, Staff Writer

October 18

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Imagine a school full of unvaccinated, disease-prone children playing with the same toys during school.   Imagine a child being diagnosed with whooping cough because one parent disagreed with the powerful vaccinations that...

Grade inflation skyrockets: C is no longer average

Shannon Ors, Web Editor

October 18

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There is a common maxim heard by discouraged students when they receive a bad grade that, “a C is average.” However, the validity of that statement is questionable when considering the average profile of an East Grand Rapids...

Holy Schoology! Just give us one portal

Ella Gourley, Staff Writer

October 18

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Constantly adding pages to bookmarks and switching back and forth from multiple tabs is irritating. But it is not uncommon. Students use wide range of online portals that teachers require in their classes. From Google Classroom...

Rethinking modern education

Keaton Smith and Dylan Schwartz

April 20

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A stressed out junior is studying well after midnight for the third night in a row, running on only caffeine and the fear of failure. They slouch at their desk as they struggle to complete their essay, and reading, and wor...